Our dedicated system is a fast and secure tool for order handling, which grants unlimited access to the account and the order history. is secured with SSL, which ensures secure exchange of data over the Internet. In addition, all documents, data and information provided to the company are protected using the procedures of a certified information security management system compliant with ISO/IEC 27001.

SOWA LLC SP. K. acknowledges that due to technical conditions of the operation of electronic systems, it is impossible to completely eliminate or reduce the risk of unlawful interference by third parties, including the risk of the user’s system on the platform being exposed to harmful effects of computer viruses.

SOWA LLC SP. K. zastrzega, iż w związku z uwarunkowaniami technicznymi działania systemów elektronicznych nie jest możliwe całkowite wyeliminowanie lub ograniczenie ryzyka nieuprawnionej ingerencji osób trzecich, w tym także narażenia systemu informatycznego użytkownika na platformie na szkodliwe działanie wirusów komputerowych.


Although we take every effort to protect your data, it is not possible to predict and completely eliminate system defects of various kinds, cyber-attacks and other similar events. Therefore, SOWA LLC SP. K. recommends that the clients do not keep on the platform the documents and data that were made available exclusively for the purpose of their order completion. SOWA LLC SP. K. does not provide archiving services.


Although for our clients’ convenience we accept orders through all available channels, for security reasons, it is advisable to send the documents for translation via the protected platform.


For more details, please contact the SOWA LLC SP. K.’S Data Protection Officer at