represents 25 years of experience, providing professional services in terms of specialised translations and cross-cultural communication


We work on the international market, serving foreign economic operators in 70 languages. Since the establishment of the company in 1994, we have been trusted by more than 1000 companies and organisations both in Poland and abroad.


As a competent provider of translation services, we always prioritise quality. We implemented and operate according to certified procedures of the integrated quality management system, which was developed on the basis of international standards of quality and information security management.

ISO 9001

Quality management system

ISO 17001

Translation services – requirements

DIN 2345

Translation contracts

ISO/IEC 27001

Information security management system

ISO 26000

Corporate social responsibility

OWL TRANSLATIONS HOUSE is more than a regular translation agency. Despite the prevailing trends towards automation, we are constantly growing our team of in-house translators, linguists and experts, which allows us to react quickly to the needs of our clients, limiting order completion time to the minimum.

We are also constantly investing in new technologies, which results in comprehensive services for our clients. We are able to provide translations of the majority of available file formats and simultaneously review, typeset, DTP and print, as well as handle the publication and printing process itself.



We have repeatedly proven our capability to cluster multiple processes – previously executed by different companies – in one HOUSE, enabling our clients to concentrate on their work and their objectives.

Our vision


We build global business relations through effective cross-cultural communication



We keep our word in every language

Quality Policy


We strive for +∞

Our values


  • We break down communication barriers and build relations based on trust
  • We follow an open-door and open-mind policy
  • We grow through competence and values
  • By improving quality, we strive for +∞
  • We share our knowledge, experience, and work results
  • We take responsibility for our actions and transparently inform clients about our work
  • We ensure security and confidentiality

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